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Teosyal Pen for hydrochloric acid

Inventor and patent first author of the Juvapen, marketed as Teosyalpen: 1st place 2014-15, BEST AESTHETIC DEVICE Patent reference:

Toxin Pen

Inventor and patent first author of the ToxinPen injector. Patent reference:

Dental pen

Device used for injecting anesthetic. Conceived the ergonomics and technical layout of the pen.

micro drill

Project leader at SO+ for a microsurgery drill. Within the confined space of the drill I came up with a patent application that allowed for a sterile and safe setup of the device.

Scooba CES award

Patent holder. The challenge in this project was to automate the cleaning process of surfaces with limited quantities of water, power, and space. My contribution to the power management of the cleaning head brush and the water disposal mechanism is protected under a WIPO patent No WO/2006/089307.

Quick Lines Geneva award

I joined a small company that had presented its idea at the Geneva Invention show with the scope of giving design insight, and drafting a solid business plan which successfully allowed them to secure funding.

Quadriplegic 1st place

Team leader in conceptualizing and building a “Fishing Caster for Quadriplegics”. The fully functional fishing caster was entirely operated by a mouth-piece. We took 1st place in the New England Regional competition.

ASME 2000 Bottle Project

Team leader in conceptualizing and building an automation that transported, filled, and capped 1 liter bottles. Limitations included up to ten 1.5 Volt motors, each powered by a single AA battery. Very clever use of power was essential.


Team leader for the creation of a startup by putting together a business plan aimed at bringing to market a novel rotary combustion engine. The startup was successfully granted government funding. References:

Invensys controls automation

Needed to increase the production of FS20 selectors to deliver over 2 M / units year. Two assembly operations had to be replaced by an automation to achieve this goal. Increased production from 1.6 M to 2.2 M units a year Reduced production line from 5 to 3 people

AS-1 Connectors

Used a contact less fiber optic sensor to determine the quality of the bent connector wings of a pressure sensor.

B1 mathematical study

Performed a full study on the existing B1 Pressure switch in order to pinpoint improvements and enhance the understanding of it for future improvements. The switch was initially conceived in a very empiric manner.

Ergonomic laptop

For my senior project I presented my own idea to make an ergonomic laptop. When closed, the laptop would function as a tablet (similar to today’s ipads), and when open the laptop would have the same ergonomic benefits of a desktop computer

Plan B

This is part of my marine products, i came up with this one day while preparing my boat for an overnight regatta (Bol d'OR Mirabaud 2014) sold over 300 kits since

Hand pull

Pulling on lines on sailboats is tough at times and in some positions the line can not be attached to a winch, for this reason i came up with "hand pull"

8 Boom /

After my father and I nearly got decapitated by the boom i decided i would put on the market a full kit system at a price that was lower than anyone on the market

Spin Click

This product uses the geometry of the spinnaker holes to create a "clicking" effect when the sail is placed and removed from the storage position allowing for easy and proper folding

Amarrage & Go

Product used to aid in docking, product is the most successful line holder in the Geneva area since it was custom designed for the local bouys.


Simple and effective security installation for Swiss houses.

Photography / ART

PHOTOGRAPHY its one of my hobbies, next step if a full photographic studio at home and some dedicated trips to refresh my skills.



I would like to integrate myself into a Design and Technology company where I can apply my competencies in the full cycle of product development and market launch. I am able to work independently, train younger personnel and manage collaborative work. As a senior designer with a business degree I can analyze a business plan, break down the idea into specifications and bring products to market.


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